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Full text of "S'ina sapa wocekiye taeyanpaha = Catholic Sioux herald"

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SEPTEMBER 15. 1910. 

S. D. July 15, 1910. 

The following are the reports 
from all the local societies from 
the various Agencies brought 
before the Rt. Rev. Bishop Jo- 
seph F. Busch, at the congress 
held at the above named place: 

Virgin Creek, St. Joseph so- 

Help to sick $72-00 

Help to priest 20 00 

Funeral expenses 3 00 

Church " 21 05 

St. Mary Society, of Virgin 
Creek, Louisa Spotted Chon 
secretary — report, none. 

Moreau River, St. Joseph so- 
ciety, report — none. 

Moreau R. St. Mary society, 
report — none. 

Thunder Butte Creek, St. Jo- 
seph society, i 

St. Mary society, Annie Scar 
Leg, Cash on hand 62 23 

Reports of expenses — none. 

Mouth of Cheyenne River, St. 
Joseph society, cash on 
hand 66 23 

St. Mary society, of the same 
place. Church expenses 40 00 
Meeting house 60 00 

To Bishop 10 00 

Cash on hand 50 00 

(fom Mrs. Bearfoot.) 

Wm. Redbear, Bull Head Sta- 
tion, to Bishop 25 

Virgin Creek St. Mary's 
to Bishop 10 00 

Standing Rock Agency. 

Bullhead Station, St. Mary's, 

Congress fund 5 00 

Louisa Benoist to Bishop 3 00 

Standingbear " 2 00 

Rosebud Agency. 
Geo. Crow -eagle to Bishop 1 00 
Joseph ; ' " 1 00 

Moreau River. 
Sophia Ducheneaux to B. 1 00 
Frank " " ; ' 1 00 

S. Brown Painted to Bishop 3 00 

Black-horse Butte, 
St. Msry's 

I Bear Creek, St. Joseph So. 
3 00 J Report— none. 

Mrs. Dupron 


1 50 

Pat. Lebeau 



Paul Lebeau 



Mrs. Landris 


1 00 

Louisa C. Thunder 

; ' 

1 00 

Katie Elk Nation 


1 00 

Bullhead Station 


Mary Society 

10 00 

Crow Creek, St. Jos. " 

5 00 

Basil Claymore 


5 00 

Mrs. Swift-hawk 


1 00 

Bl. Horse Butte to congress 2 00 

Bullhead Station, cost of 
meeting house 350 00 

Total expenses during 
the two years 487 20 

cash on hand 34 40 

H. Brown Otter to Bishop 1 00 
Geo. " " " 1 00 

J. " " : ' 2 00 

Standing Rock Agency. 
Farm School society, 
St. Mary's, cash on hand 281 00 
Expenses 214 75 

Used for the sick 31 00 

Support of catechists 15 00 

To the Bishop 30 00 

F. Afraid of nothing, toB. 10 00 

5 00 
5 00 

3 00 


2 00 

15 00 
2 00 

1 00 

2 00 
2 00 

5 00 

Mrs. Running Hawk, "' 
St. Edwards church " 
To congress 

St. Mary society, Scho- 
lastica Madbear to Bishop 

John Howard 
John Grass 

Wakpala, St. Mary 
Society to Bishop 
Martin Redbear to bishop 

Little White River. St. 
Joseph Society to congress 3 00 
St. Mary " " 7 00 

Black Pipe Rosebud Ag"cy 

Sophie White Feather 
Tail to bisnop 
and to Eyanpaha 

Geo. Ankle to bishop 
Lower Brule Agency, 
St, Mary. Society to bishop 
Crow Creek Agency, 
St. Joseph society, 
cash on hand 92 16 

Expenses on sick 9 50 

To congress 5 00 

Pine Ridge Agency, Potatoe 
Creek, St. Jos. society, 
Sick report 
Cash on hand 
St. Mary so. cash on hand 
Meetinghouse fund 

Porcupine District, 
St. Joseph S. cash on hand 6 85 
To congress 2 50 

From the General Meeting 
to bishop 
St. Mary's absent^ 

Lower Corn Creek, 
St. Joseph's to bishop 
St. Mary's to bishop 
St. Joseph's to congress 
John Labeau to bishop 

9 00 
4 50 
2 50 
9 25 

2 50 

2 50 
2 50 
2 50 
5 00 

Sword Camp, St. Joseph 
society to bishop 1 00 

to congress 1 50 

St. Mary society absent. 

Cheyenne R. Red Dog Camp. 
St. Jos. and St. M. to cong. 3 00 
St. Jos. St. M. to bishop 4 80 
Paul Catcher 1 00 

Mrs. Amie " 1 00 

St. Joseph So. to bishop 1 50 
to congress 1 00 

St. Mary society none., 

St Peter's church, 
Joseph society to congress 2 50 
Paul Catcher to bishop 1 00 

Upper Corn Creek. 
St. Joseph Society, absent. 

Cherry Creek, 
St. Joseph society, to cong. 7 50 

to bishop 2 50 
St. Mary society 

Cash on hand 35 75 

support priest 5 00 

sick 5 00 

used 43 

to bishop 5 00 

Thunder Butte 
St! Mary So. to bishop 2 00 

to congresss 2 00 

Moreau River, 
St. Mary society to bishop 5 00 
to priest 5 00 

to congress 5 00 

Farm School, 
St, Mary society to bishop 5 00 
to congress 5 00 

St. Mary society to bishop 5 00 
Mad Bear Camp, 
St. Mary's to congress 5 00 
Louis Laundrie to bishop 1 00 
Bull Head Station, 
St. Joseph's president, Crazy 

Black Horse Butte, St. Joseph 
society, Patrick Seventeen be- 
fore the bishop. We want a 
church, for which I have here 
with me to hand you the sum of 
$285-10 and wish you would keep 
it for us and see that collection 
is continually kept up. 
Pine Ridge, 

Paul Catcher: I move that all 
Indian and white dances be dis- 
continued during lent. 

Paul Claymore to bishop 5 00 

| St. Edward's Church, Wakpala. 

St. Joseph So. General 
'expense 128 30 

St. Mary's soc. expense 42 50 
Funeral expense 12 00 

For the poor 25 10 

General expense 93 10 

support to priest . 6 00 

to bishop 10 00 

Lower Brule, 
St. Mary's funeral expense 12 00 
support to priest 7 50 

sick 6 50 

cash on hand 5 75 

Little White River, Pine Ridge. 
St. Jos, society, expense 137 23 
" expense 78 05 
Mrs. Black Hawk " 32 05 

Priest's expense 10 00 

Priest, s meals 8 00 

Catechist 47 50 

to congress 5 00 

To bishop 5 00 fare 25 00 30 00 
Eyanpaha 2 50 

Christmas 109 10 

stove 10 00, bed 7 50-17 50 

cash on hand 6 50 

Cheyenne Agency. 
Report none, Paul Crow Eagle 
Mrs: David Lee (Ptesanlutawin: 
a sick lady of the congregation 
was refused support from her 
church, therefore she asked the 
good people ot the Catholics to 
help her. It was done, $20-23 
was collected for her support. 
3rd day meeting. 
July 10. 

Mrs. Laundrie help the con- 
gress at Pine Ridge 5 00 

Agnes White Cow woman 
to congress 5 00 

Sam Charger gave the 
Pine Ridge congress 10 00 

which will be sent later on. 

1st. All the best and oldest 
catechists will receive $25 • 00 a 
month hereafter, this does not 
mean all the catechists, but the 
most learned in both, the Eng- 
lish and Indian languages, and 
control a large territory. 

2nd. Congress decided that 
the Crow Creek Agency people 
become the members of all con- 
gresses held in South Dakota 
South of the Missouri River, and 
be under the jurisdiction of Rt. 
Rev. Bishop Busch. 

3rd. All local societies elect 
two standing committee at their 

SEPTEMBER 15. 1910. 

various places, and said two 
committee meats privately, ap- 
point two good men to have a 
continual watch over their re- 
spective societies. At the end of 
three months said committees and 
the presidents of each society are 
to hold a meeting and consider 
the reports of the committees, 
after which all reports be prop- 
erly taken and sent to the Bishop, 
such as divorse evils or other 
matters detremental to the pro- 
gress of the religious practices. 
4th. Samuel Charger was el- 
lected to attend the — Federation 
convention this fall; this change 
was made on account of being 
only one priest on the Cheyenne 
River Agency, which Territory 
is almost impossible for any one 
priest to control, and the past 
congresses have heard repeated- 
ly hardships of the poor good Fa- 
ther Vogel and his peoples wants 
not as yet nothing has come to 
aid their wishes; therefore, this 
wish to have a delegate to ap- 
pear before the good people of 
the Federation and to explain 
their hardships and needs of 
their missionary. 

versity graduates, Oxford is re- 
sponsible for 586, Cambridge 346, 
Durham 24, and Trinity College 
(Dublin) 63. No less than 612 of 
these converts became Catholic 
priests, 100 of them becoming 

Here is an illustration of the 
falsity of the impudent Protest- 
ant ''argument'" that '"intellect" 
and "enlightenment" are against 
the Catholic Church, 

Farm School, Fort Yates, N. D. 
Aug. 16, 1910. 
Eyanpaha kola. 

Oyanke kin le January 
Jan. 1, June 30, hehanyan taiDi. 

Feb. 18, Mary, Dec. 11, 1902 
hehan tonpi, James na Lucy 
Redfish cincapi. 

Elisabeth Majhor, W T m. Majhor 

Marcella Majhor,, Gilbert 
Majhor tawicu. 

Benedict Majhor, Gilbert 
Majhor cinca hena: Elisabeth, 
Marcella na Benedict Majhor 
cuwita tapi — February wi hehan 
tehan iyewicayapi sni; anpetu 
Feb. 14 hehan iwoblu. hehan ta- 
M3a— Feb. 13, lei Mass ;vo- 
wQsmii loi U itch 8, hena ) 

Inyanconkaskela el wicasa 
waste rca te lo; George Cetan- 
iyanke he ee. 

Wocekiye wicasa, Catechists, 
toka omniciye eciyatanhan ya- 
otaninpi sni hwo? 

Sinasapa wayawa oti okiyapi 
omaka kin le — Preservation So- 
ciety wakelo. 

Farm School etanhan $12 75 
St. Bede's, Wakpala 7 50 

St. Edward's, Okarmi 2 00 

St. Aloysius, Rock Creek 
and Blackhorse 8 25 

$30 50 

Oyate ata wicoran waste kin 
he el etonwanpi waste kta tka, 
tona Smasapa opa icilapi kin. 

Hekta June na July wi kin el 
Wakpala el winyan wanjigji — 
nakun wasicunse skanpi — wicasa 
cokconala tipiwakan okiyapi kta 
hokuwapi. iyotiyekiye wowasi 
econpi hetanhan — Fair — tipiwa- 
kan kin $200 00 kicamnapi na 
wicasawakan $82 67 okiyapi. 
Winyan na wicasa tona hel 
skanpi kin wopila tanka ewica* 

Tipiwakan na wicasawakan 
okiyapi kin he wicoran waste na 
on W>: N — "anka iyokipi yapi, 

okiye cin marpiya wokiconze oi- 
hanke wanice ekta iyuskinyan 
un kta. Wi yawapi 7 anpetu kin 
ostan yuonihanyan tipiwakan 
tima unkaipi. Father Henry 
he awacekiye na :wowahokonki- 
ye lila waste unkokiyakapi,na 
iglustan na wicaraoi makoce 
etkiya yuonihanyan ungloayapi, 
na maka mahel iyeunyanpi 
kta el Father Henry ake wace- 
kiciciyaake wowahokonkiye wa- 
steste unkokiyakapi. Hunku na 
titakuye lila cante sicapi esas 
wicasawakan wacekiye kin heon 
lila wacintankapi. 

St. Joseph na St. Mary yaun- 
pi kin Wakantanka oiye kin ki- 
ksuyapo, wacekiyapo, na onsiki- 
cilapo, tona Catholic henicapi on 
hena na wicasawakan kin hena 
taku eyapi kin anawicagoptan 
po. Hena Wakantanka ihukuya 
wowasi econpi ca taku onspeun- 
kiyapi na eunkipazopi he ogna- 
yerci econ wauncinpi kta; hece- 
ca kin onnagipi hi kte. 
Oyasin cante on nape ciyuzapi. 

Allen. S. D. Aug. 1910. 
Eyanpaha waste kin. 

T , ' .::,:. Cheyenne 

ill loll. 

Other items which were not 
voted on are very good and all 
the readers of the Eyanpaha 
should read, whicn will be sent 
later on. 

Louis Mousseau, 
Congress Secretary. 
Joe Horjncloud. 


(Freeman's Journal j 

A book just printed in London 
entitled "Converts to Rome," 
gives some remarkable and in- 
teresting particulars of the large 
number of intellectual persons 
in Great Britain and Ireland who 
have joined the Catholic Church 
in recent years. It includes the 
names of no less than 572 of the 
Church of England clergy, 23 of 
the Episcopal Churph of Scot- 
land, 12 of the Episopalian 
Church of Ireland, and 12 Non- 
conformist ministers . During the 
same time 19 peers and 53 peer- 
esses have been received, and 
432 "members of the nobility," 
with 42 Baronets and 21 knights. 
The army has cotributed 306 
officers and the navy 64. Of Uni- 

Teriya a-k'i papi seca, boon mita- 
kuyepi, wakta uhpo, ungnahala 
untapi kta seca. 

Joseph Thos. Yellow-fat, wa- 
niyetu 68, March 11, hehan te; 
wicasa waste heca. 

April 12, Sophie Redfish. Dec. 
2, ]909 tonpi 

June 26, Walburga, waniyetu 
37. PaulHupamaza tawicu: win- 
yan wocekiye el lila ahope qon. 

Hohena^api. na wocekiye el 
wicayeksuyapi kta iyececa. 

Hehan St. Joseph okolakiciye 
wanji opa; James Wahacankaya- 
pi, June 5, tokaheya Yutapi wa- 
kan icu, heehan nakun 9 waya- 
w T api Farm School el tokaheya 
Yutapiwakan icupi. 

Wakankiciyuzapi . 
Gregory Matoluta Mary Rose 
Tunklakewastewin kici June 29 

George Hairy-chin — Marpiya- 
sna. Ada Lone Elk — Heraka- 
isnala cunwintku — kici, Aug. 7 

Wakpala el tapi ins wocekiye 
el iklustanpi yukanpi. Mrs. Joe 
Claymore, Charley Manning, na 
tona tapi, na hehan Thunder 
Shield tawicu kici omniciye tan- 
ka el iklustanDi. 

Joe Cia.y ill ore 2 00 

Mrs. Joe Claymore 1 00 

Henry Iron- cedar 1 00 

Mr. and Mrs Archambault 10 00 

Rulina Madbear 1 00 

William Majhor 5 00 

Frank Tonkineau 3 00 

Joseph Takes the Shield 2 00 

Nick Cadotte 1 00 

Mary Tasunkehinapewin 4 00 

Mrs. Joe Takes the Shield 1 00 

Walter Tiger 1 00 

Geo Bain 1 00 

Mr and Mrs Joe Claymore 5 00 

Mrs Joe Claymore 5 00 

J. S. Bavis 

1 2c 

Ho hecetu yelo. Mitakuyepi, 
Omaka kin le lila terika, heon 
wocekiye el lila skanpo. St. Jo- 
seph na St. Mary O. oyapapi 
kin iyuha nape ciyuzapelo. 

Faiher Bede. O. S. B. 

Aug. 7, 1910. 

Bear Greek el St. Jo- 
seph na St. Mary woterika wanji 
wanunyakapi. Aug. 4, hehanl 
Rose Sallaway te lo. Cinca ton 
na ohakab ta. Ho hece tin na 
hecena wocekiye eweciye, he- 
cel oterlya te esas Wakantanka 

wakan tona ob unqunpi oyasin 
iyokipi. Ho hecel St. Joseph 
na St. Mary waniyetu opta bli- 
heiQiyapi kta, wicasawakan wan 
kici unskanpi kin he congress 
mazaska kin yeunkiyaoi hecel 
congress kin waste unkagapi kta 
uncinpi Wakantanka ounkiyapi 
na congress hehan tanyan zani- 
yan on kin ni ecanmi. 

St. Joseph na St. Mary mican- 
te on nape ciyuzapi. Nitakolapi 
Joseph Cansasa. 

July 17, Wakpa Waste qel 
omniciye tanka hel sinasapa 
opapi lena iklustapi. Tokeya 
wahokonwicakiyapi na hehan 
Zitkala-ciqala miniawicakastan 
nakun Yutapiwakan icupi na 
wakankiciyuzapi nakun wicayu- 
sutapi econpi. Ho tanyan iklu- 
stanpi, ' Joseph Tawahacanka- 
wakinyan na tawicu Agnes Ta- 
sihaskawin eciyapi. 

July 25, heehan Mrs Joe Clay- 
more telo. Le winyan kin lila wa- 
yazan un tka wocekiye lila econ, 
anpetuwakan wacekiye hisa. 

June 23, hehan Peter telo, Pe- 
ter Herakahowaste cinca. 
Owasin nape ciyuzapi. 

Louis Crossbear.